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Case studies by category

environment and conservation


  1. Assistant warden: Britta Koehler
  2. Chemical risk assessor: Sally
  3. Commercial projects consultant: Donna Ketteringham
  4. Community ecologist: Helen
  5. Crop systems lead: Guy Thallon
  6. Environmental consultant: Scott Dawson
  7. Environmental geochemist: Jon
  8. Environmental health officer: Joanne Grimley
  9. Environmental microbiology research scientist: Chris
  10. Environmental science
  11. Environmental soil scientist: Alexandra Cooke
  12. Exploration geologist: Adam Hughes
  13. Forest/woodland area manager: Tom Coates
  14. General manager: Dave Matthews
  15. Geophysical data processor: Andrew
  16. Geophysicist: Amira
  17. Geophysicist: Mark Porter
  18. Graduate environmental scientist: Lauren Dombowsky
  19. Graduate landscape architect: Tom Green
  20. Health, safety and environment coordinator: Nichola Isherwood
  21. Historic buildings professional: Kate Borland
  22. Hydrogeologist and director: Jonathan Dalton
  23. Hydrologist: Lauriane Allard
  24. Lead spatial analyst: Deborah Davies
  25. Microrenewable technical specialist: Alan Thompson
  26. Minerals surveyor: Jack Townsend
  27. Occupational hygiene manager: John
  28. Pod Volunteer marine conservation volunteer: Alexandra Woynarowich
  29. Postdoctoral research fellow: Dan
  30. Project landscape architect: Jenny
  31. Qualifications and skills officer: Amy
  32. Radiological consultant: Sarah Hunak
  33. Ranger: Nathan
  34. Recycling manager: Joe Kingston
  35. Research assistant: Paul
  36. Researcher: Dr Isla Forsyth
  37. Rural practice surveyor: Sarah
  38. Senior conservator/restorer: John
  39. Senior technical officer: Phillip Wilson
  40. Site manager: Clare Burnside
  41. Soil scientist: Sophie
  42. Town planner: Katie Wray
  43. Townscape heritage initiative officer: Janet

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