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Latest news: Public sector 'attracting more MBA graduates'


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The skills developed while studying for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) has led to an increase in the number of MBA graduates working in the public sector, it has been suggested 09/04/2013

Recent research from the Association of MBAs  (AMBA) found the number of people who hold the qualification and work in the public sector has doubled over the past three years.

The AMBA Careers Survey 2013 showed 10% of all MBA graduates - and 41% of female MBA graduates - currently work in the sector.

Speaking to Public Service, George Murgatroyd, research manager at AMBA, explained it's not necessarily true that the qualification is more geared towards the private sector.

He added that it's also unsurprising that employers in the public sector see the MBA as valuable experience, given it focuses on 'complex and innovative forms of management'.

'The skills developed on an MBA - from strategic thinking to policy-making and implementation - are just as relevant to those in public service as they are to private companies, if not more so,' Mr Murgatroyd said.

'Every day, public service managers may make highly challenging decisions on matters such as the most effective allocation of public funds.'

In addition to the public sector figures, the AMBA study also found that the mean salary of MBA graduates from AMBA-accredited business schools working in the UK is now over £82,000 - the highest since 2004.

It also revealed that within ten years, more than 50% of all graduates surveyed were either in chief executive officer (CEO), directorship or senior management positions.


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Written by Editor, Graduate Prospects
April 2013

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