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Subject area

  • accounting and finance
    use for studying accounting and finance in a business context
  • agricultural sciences
    multidisciplinary field that encompasses the parts of exact, natural, economic and social sciences that are used in the practice and understanding of agriculture
  • animal care and veterinary science
    use for study of animals (including livestock), birds, fish, reptiles or insects, and their welfare
  • archaeology
    the study of human cultures through the recovery, documentation and analysis of material remains and environmental data, including architecture, artifacts, biofacts, human remains, and landscapes
  • architectural studies
    the art and science of designing buildings and structures; also use for the study of existing architecture
  • art and design
    the study and creation of artistic works - primarily visual in nature
  • biology and life sciences
    the study of living organisms
  • business and management studies
    study of finance, marketing, human resource management and organisational management
  • chemical engineering
    study that deals with the application of physical science (e.g. chemistry and physics), with mathematics, to the process of converting raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms
  • chemistry
    study of molecules, crystals, and metal/nonmetals and is concerned with the composition and statistical properties of such structures, as well as their transformations and interactions to become materials encountered in everyday life
  • civil engineering and construction
    use for study of civil engineering, construction, building and surveying
  • classics
    study of the languages, literature, history, art, and other aspects of the ancient Mediterranean world; especially Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome (roughly 1000 BC to 500 AD)
  • computer sciences and IT
    use for study of computers, information technology, the internet, computer-aided design or multimedia
  • economics
    the study of resource allocation, distribution and consumption; of capital and investment; and of management of the factors of production
  • engineering management
    study of management techniques and procedures for manufacturing and engineering
  • engineering, aerospace
    study of engineering that concerns aircraft, spacecraft, and related topics
  • engineering, electronic and electrical
    study of engineering of electrical and electronic systems, microelectronics, silicon devices and nanotechnology
  • engineering, mechanical
    the engineering discipline that involves the application of principles of physics for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems
  • engineering, transport
    use for study of design and production of all transport vehicles (including ships, trains and cars, etc.)
  • environmental science and ecology
    study of interactions among physical, chemical, and biological components of the environment
  • food sciences
    use for study of food development, management and its nutritional benefits
  • geology and geographical science
    geology studies the composition, structure, physical properties, history, and the processes that shape Earth's components; geography is the study of the earth and its features, inhabitants, and phenomena
  • health sciences
    study of the applied science dealing with health and working with patients within the health services
  • history
    the study of the past, leading up to the present day. Normally focused on human activity.
  • humanities
    those academic disciplines which study the human condition using methods that are largely analytic, critical, or speculative
  • information science and librarianship
    an interdisciplinary science primarily concerned with the collection, classification, manipulation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information, and the management of libraries or information centres
  • languages
    use for study of foreign languages. NOT for use for a specific named language - use that language, e.g. French. NOT for use of the structure of language - use Linguistics
  • law and legal studies
    study of a state's regulations and rules (enforceable by the courts)
  • linguistics
    the scientific study of any language, which can be theoretical or applied
  • literature and creative writing
    study of prose, both fiction and non-fiction, drama and poetry - both the study of writings of others and the creative writing of new works
  • marketing and advertising studies
    use for study of general marketing and advertising issues
  • materials science
    study of an interdisciplinary field involving the properties of matter and its applications to various areas of science and engineering
  • mathematics
    study and use of abstraction and logical reasoning for counting, calculation, measurement, and the systematic study of the shapes and motions of physical objects
  • media studies and publishing
    the study of the constitution and effects on it of media and publishing
  • medicine and surgery
    the science of maintaining and/or restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of patients
  • music and performing arts
    study and training to develop arts which are represented or operated by humans (as opposed to visual arts, etc.) - mainly consists of music, drama and dance.
  • nursing and midwifery
    use for study and training for nurses and midwives
  • pharmacy and pharmacology
    use for study of pharmacy and pharmacology subjects and the management of pharmaceutical products
  • philosophy
    study concerned with the rational investigation of the nature and structure of reality
  • physics
    the science that deals with concepts such as force, energy, mass, and charge
  • planning and surveying
    use for study of land, building and land use planning and management, including surveying
  • political science
    study concerned with theory, description, analysis and prediction of political behavior, political systems and politics
  • psychology
    discipline involving the scientific study of mental processes and behaviour
  • social sciences
    study which tends to emphasize the use of the scientific method in the study of humanity, including quantitative and qualitative methods
  • sports science
    study of the application of scientific principles and techniques with the aim of improving sporting performance
  • teacher training and education
    use for study of generic education and teaching themes
  • theology and religious studies
    study of the theory of religions and theology (non-denominational)
  • tourism, hospitality and event management
    use for study of tourism, hospitality and event management including travel and the services offered within these industries


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  • Scotland
  • South East England
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  • Wales
  • West Midlands
  • Worldwide
  • Yorkshire and the Humber


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