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Postgraduate psychology courses in Aberdeen and North East Scotland

2 universities offer 32 postgraduate psychology courses in Aberdeen and North East Scotland

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  1. Applied Psychology

    PhD / MPhil

    Open University - Department of Psychology

    Work in this area is wide-ranging and the Department of Psychology has a strong reputation for innovative and policy-relevant high quality research. As with applied cognitive research, the department offers a vibrant and collegial research culture with a track record of externally funded projects. In the area of occupational psychology...

  2. Applied cognitive psychology

    MPhil / PhD

    Open University - Department of Psychology

    The Department of Psychology has a well-established reputation for its innovative approach and commitment to real world application. This area of the department's work is wide ranging and involves researchers undertaking both collaborative and individual projects. As well as a commitment to addressing applied issues, interests also focus on theoretical...

  3. Children, young people, families, and personal relationships

    PhD / MPhil

    Open University - Department of Social Policy

    The Department of Social Policy and Criminology has extensive interests in this field and is engaged in a number of lived experience, policy and welfare related research projects. We are active members of the Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance (CCIG) - leading the Families and Relationships Programme and contributing...

  4. Emotions, intimacy and the psychosocial

    PhD / MPhil

    Open University - Department of Sociology

    Work in this theme examines many diverse aspects of emotions, intimacy and the psychosocial, psychoanalytic sociology; psychoanalytic theory; the relationship between the social and the unconscious, with an emphasis on how unconscious processes might be said to 'inhabit' social life; psychosocial research methods, theoretical and empirical explorations of the notion...

  5. Language as a social semiotic in learning and teaching

    PhD / MRes / EdD

    Open University - Faculty of Education and Language Studies

    A key focus of work in the Language and Literacies Research Cluster is a social semiotic approach to learning and teaching. Our research explores language use across academic subject areas and among users, and the implications for students and teachers. Projects to date have focused on learning and teaching in...

  6. Integrated Practice in Childhood and Youth

    PGCert / PGDip

    Open University - Faculty of Education and Language Studies

    This postgraduate certificate course can be obtained by studying either one of the two compulsory 60-credit modules from the Masters in Childhood and Youth (F55): Children and young people's worlds: frameworks for integrated practice (E807) or Critical practice with children and young people (K802). It is designed for graduates coming...

  7. Neuroscience and behaviour

    PhD / MPhil

    Open University - Department of Life Sciences

    Our research focuses on the fundamentals of neurobiology and how they relate to behaviour. Key themes of our research are: neuronal structure and development; neuropathology and glial cell biology; neurophysiological and functional imaging measurements of the human brain; biochemical, electrophysiological and behavioural aspects of learning, memory and attention; and genetic,...

  8. Value

    PhD / MPhil

    Open University - Department of Philosophy

    The Philosophy Department's research and teaching interests in the area of value include: metaethics, ethical theory, moral psychology, moral epistemology, practical ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics and the theory of art.

  9. Mind, Meaning and Rationality

    PhD / MPhil

    Open University - Department of Philosophy

    The central aim of the Mind, Meaning and Rationality Research Group is to promote research in the philosophy of mind and epistemology, together with specific topics in other areas that relate closely to the themes of mind, meaning and rationality - for example, decision theory in ethics. These issues were...

  10. Educational Technology


    Open University - Department of Education

    The Master of Research (Educational Technology) is located in the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology (CREET). This full-time campus-based degree provides training to an advanced level in a range of social research methods. It will be particularly relevant if you work in a professional or commercial environment...


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