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  1. Textiles and Fashion

    MFA by research

    University of Manchester - School of Materials

    The Master of Enterprise degree reflects the nature of knowledge-based enterprise and innovation. Students develop ideas from their discipline into new products and services. Research is available in textile and fashion design, fashion retail (retail/store concepts; retail services), CAD (textiles, fashion and retail) and textile and clothing technology. Manchester Science...

  2. Textile Design, Fashion and Management

    PhD / MPhil / MS by research

    University of Manchester - School of Materials

    Textiles is an industry where innovations in process as well as product are required to effectively integrate all aspects of design, technology, retail and management. To address this, the Textile Design, Fashion and Management research group is multi-disciplinary and covers areas as diverse as: Applied Management; Textile Design; Colour; Trend...

  3. Textile Science and Technology

    PhD / MPhil / MSc by research

    University of Manchester - School of Materials

    The Textile Science and Technology research programmes are part of a multi-disciplinary School of Materials. State-of-the-art facilities and a leading academic team, the largest and most comprehensive in Europe, are complemented by innovative research areas, and make this an exciting and forward-looking area for research. Textiles are a platform for...

  4. Polymer Science and Engineering

    PhD / MPhil / MSc by research

    University of Manchester - School of Materials

    Our Polymer Science and Engineering research programmes have a long and esteemed history and today span a diverse range of themes and topics that have relevance to industrial needs worldwide.

  5. Physics and Chemistry of Minerals and Fluids

    PhD / MPhil / MSc by research

    University of Manchester - School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

    Physics and Chemistry of minerals and Fluids, studies the structure, properties and stabilities of minerals and fluids. Particular emphasis is given to studies of mineral surfaces, amorphous precipitates and geofluids. Innovative applications of advanced analytical, spectroscopic and imaging techniques are combined with theory to model the geometric and electronic structures...

  6. Nuclear Science and Technology

    MSc / PGDip / PGCert

    University of Manchester - School of Physics and Astronomy

    Whether you're already working in the nuclear industry or looking to move into this rapidly growing sector, enhance your career prospects on a unique programme that will improve your personal and professional skills on a diverse range of Reactor Technology and Decommissioning modules. There is a substantial continuing need for...

  7. Polymer Materials Science and Engineering

    MSc / PGDip / PGCert

    University of Manchester - School of Materials

    The masters course in Polymer Materials Science and Engineering, offered in partnership with the School of Chemistry, is multi-disciplinary: it provides Chemists, Materials Scientists and Engineers with a rich understanding of both traditional commodity plastics and speciality polymers with increasing applications in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields, and in electronics...

  8. Multi-scale Modelling

    PhD / MPhil

    University of Manchester - School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science

    Multi-scale theory and computation is a methodology for using the knowledge of the properties of a system at the molecular level (e.g. the design of new shampoos and dyes) to predict how it will behave at other scales either at the mesoscopic level (e.g. froth flotation and liquid-liquid extraction) or...

  9. Nanoscience DTC


    University of Manchester - School of Chemistry

    NOWNANO builds on the world-leading expertise in all nanoscience within Manchester and Lancaster universities to offer a broad interdisciplinary doctoral training centre. PhD students will receive initial training that will show them the breadth and potential of nanoscience, before they focus on mastering one specific area of the subject. This...

  10. Advanced Composites

    MSc / PGCert / PGDip

    University of Manchester - School of Materials

    A Taught Masters Programme providing an in-depth understanding of the key factors that govern the structure, processing, properties and applications of advanced composite materials. Composites are used widely in industry, and are currently experiencing a rapid expansion in use in high-specification application areas such as commercial aircraft and large-volume automotive....


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