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Work in Brazil

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Highly skilled workers are always needed in a country that has a thriving economy. Dreams of working in Brazil can become reality for those with the right skills…

Job market in Brazil

With the sixth largest economy in the world and the largest in South America, Brazil has one of the fastest growing economies on the planet. This is partly due to a rise in the price of food and oil, of which Brazil is a big producer. Brazil produces coffee, cocoa, oranges, soya beans and sugar cane, as well as hydroelectric power.

Sectors that have seen rapid growth are:

  • agriculture;
  • engineering and environmental management;
  • food manufacturing;
  • mining;
  • oil and gas renewable energy.

There are jobs available in these sectors for highly skilled foreign workers.

Brazil also has a large and dynamic services industry. For English speakers, job opportunities will be more readily available in the big cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasilia (the capital) and Porto Alegre.

There are also jobs available in the manufacturing, construction and engineering of a high-speed rail network throughout Brazil. The local population doesn't always have the necessary skills to progress such a project, so workers with technical qualifications are required from other countries.

International candidates who can speak Portuguese, have good knowledge of the country, and can display an interest in Brazilian culture and life, are well placed to find jobs. It helps to already be based in Brazil when applying.

Job vacancies

For jobs in Brazil, search:

Work experience and internships in Brazil

Internships and summer work placements for students and recent graduates can be arranged by AIESEC UK .

Volunteering in Brazil

Voluntary work is a great way to build your skills and learn a new language. It will help to have saved some money before you set off as the vast majority of voluntary positions are unpaid.

Volunteering looks great on your CV and gives you the chance to network and build contacts.

To volunteer in Brazil you should first research what you would like to do and apply to organisations directly. Some relevant organisations that may offer opportunities in Brazil include:

  • Kaya Responsible Travel  - work on existing community projects;
  • Projects Abroad  - sends more than 8,000 volunteers abroad annually to carry out work from teaching to conservation and archaeology to sports journalism.

Language requirements

English is fast becoming the global business language of choice in most countries and Brazil is no different. English is taught in some schools and universities and is widely spoken in cities. The local language is Portuguese.

If you speak Portuguese, you're better positioned to find work. It's worth learning the basics before you arrive in Brazil. Once you're there, it's beneficial to take lessons in order to progress quickly.

Those moving to Brazil to teach English may be offered Portuguese lessons as part of an employment package, as is often the case with employees of multinational organisations. Remember that Brazilian Portuguese is grammatically and orally different to European Portuguese.

Brazilian visas and immigration

If you're going to Brazil from the UK, you will need the necessary visas to work in Brazil. An employer must apply for a work visa on your behalf.

Work permits are valid for two years. You can apply for a permanent visa at the end of this period. UK residents seeking more information should make contact with or visit the Embassy of Brazil in London .


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Written by Editor, Graduate Prospects
June 2013

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