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November, 2022

If you would like to attract the brightest minds to your postgraduate courses then we have the campaign for you. Find out what Prospects has to offer

Through our extensive range of products and services, whether online, on campus or via our digital products, we have the means to engage with students and graduates seeking further education opportunities around the world.

Our campaigns are underpinned by our unparalleled understanding and insight so no matter what you're looking for, be it a large-scale marketing campaign or a simple, quick targeted exposure for a specific course, we can help you.

For more information email our postgraduate team at

You'll be able to target students and graduates via the following channels:

  • Web advertising - with more than 2.1 million unique browsers each month, offers you a suite of profile, event and display advertising options.
  • Email advertising - 970,000 students and graduates subscribe to receive our emails. Targeted email messaging allows you to segment by university, subject interest and more.
  • Digital magazine advertising - interactive digital publications give the branding benefits of print and reach a vast website and email audience.

Reach an engaged and responsive audience

We have a broad registrant profile, covering first years through to experienced graduates and we connect with them at key points along their career journey, enabling you to put your study opportunities in front of a large and relevant audience, both in the UK and worldwide.

Our popular Postgraduate Engagement Package gives you exposure through superior online, on-campus and digital channels and puts your brand in front of students at strategic points throughout the academic year.

To discuss the best recruitment options for your university or department email our sales team at

Degree fraud

How does degree fraud affect your institution? What does degree fraud involve? How can it be stopped? For the answers to these questions and everything else you need to know take a look at this advice and guidance on degree fraud for higher education providers.

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