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November, 2018

Graduate Outcomes is the biggest UK annual social survey and captures the perspectives and current status of more than 700,000 recent graduates. We'd like to tell you more about the survey and why you should take part

If you're still at university or college, we know that you may not have a plan or a destination in mind. That's okay. This is why the survey is sent to graduates 15 months after they've completed their studies. The survey aims to help current and future students gain an insight into career destinations and development.

It looks to understand whether you're in employment, have continued with further study or are doing something else and to what extent your qualification played a part. The term 'outcomes' in our survey's name is key - we want to gain insight into whether the student experience delivered what was promised to you, from a learning and potential employment perspective.

We'll also be really keen to understand the non-traditional routes that graduates are taking following higher education. Employment isn’t the only successful outcome: we want to know what you do, and really understand what you see as fulfilling.

Your responses will help your university or college to evaluate and promote their courses. But it's not just your provider that's listening to you, the survey has large-scale national significance too. It helps the government, charities, journalists, researchers and others to understand the higher education sector and the state of the graduate labour market.

Depending on when your course ends, you'll be sent an email invitation to complete the Graduate Outcomes survey 15 months (or so) later.

For example, if you're a recent graduate and you completed your studies in August to October 2017, you'll receive the survey in December 2018. The survey won't take long to complete and you can take part on all devices.

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