Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test

Jennifer Feldman, Speech and language expert and writer
July, 2023

Critical thinking is an integral skill for most companies so it's important to master it. It's assessed through the Watson Glaser Test - take a look at what's involved

What is the Watson Glaser Test?

The Watson Glaser test assesses a potential candidate’s critical thinking skills. Employers want to evaluate your ability to identify assumptions, dissect arguments, and draw conclusions.

What is the format of the test?

Inference - You'll need to draw conclusions based on a series of facts. You will be provided with a statement and a series of inferences based on the statement. You must evaluate whether the inferences are true, probably true, insufficient data, false, or probably false. You can make this decision based on information provided to you, or from common knowledge accepted by everyone. To get a better idea take a look at some sample questions.

Deduction - You'll be provided with facts followed by a set of conclusions. You're required to assess whether the conclusion can be logically deduced from the set of facts. You'll be provided with two choices when answering; the conclusion logically follows, or the conclusion doesn't logically follow.

Interpretation - You'll be required to read a short passage with information which is assumed to be correct. After the passage, you will be provided with an interpretation. You must decide if that interpretation logically follows without a shadow of a doubt. You will be given two choices; the conclusion follows, or the conclusion doesn’t follow.

Recognition of assumption - You'll be given a statement, and must figure out if an assumption was made within that statement. An assumption is a declaration that someone takes for granted. When answering, you will be given two different choices; an assumption was made, or an assumption was not made. This section analyses your ability to avoid making assumptions about things which aren’t necessarily true.

Evaluation of arguments - You will be provided with an argument. You will then be asked to identify whether the argument is strong or weak. An argument is strong if it's connected to the statement provided and universally considered significant.

Each section tests a different area within critical thinking and has a different question format. Every section will have between two and five answers to choose from. The test is computer-based, usually 40 questions long and needs to be completed within 30 minutes. Depending on the employer, some tests might be 80 questions long and can be completed in one hour.

Which employers use the Watson Glaser test?

The Watson Glaser Test is used by many companies in the UK such as:

  • BCAT
  • Bank of England
  • Burges Salmon
  • Clifford Chance
  • Deloitte
  • Dentons
  • Government Legal Service
  • Hill Dickinson
  • Hiscox
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Ince & Co
  • Irwin Mitchell
  • Linklaters
  • Simmons & Simmons.

How can I prepare?

The Watson Glaser critical thinking test is a challenging and unique exam. Most candidates aren't used to taking an exam which focuses on analysis and thinking skills. JobTestPrep has a great practice preparation pack, which includes:

  • two instant online Watson Glaser style tests
  • 290 extra Watson Glaser type questions
  • normed test scores
  • all-inclusive explanations and tips
  • study guides
  • video tutorials
  • 24/7 immediate online practice.

Practising in advance is a great way to ensure that you perform to the best of your ability. In this competitive job market, you want to ensure you do everything to outperform your competition.

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