Case study

Account manager — Leigh Nightingale

Leigh finds that even though his job isn't related to his construction management degree, he still uses its many skills on a daily basis

How did you get your job?

I began working at Shredall part time during the university holidays. After graduating, there was an opportunity to join Shredall full time, so I submitted an application and was successful.

I worked in the head office for 18 months before being promoted to the position of Account Manager within Shredall's sister company, SDS Document Storage and Scanning.

It's OK to make mistakes early on in your career, you will grow by embracing the lessons learned from them

How relevant is your degree to your job?

While my degree in construction management isn't directly relevant to my current role, it gave me worthwhile experience for the workplace in many different ways. I developed transferable skills including effective communication, managing a team and project management, abilities which I now apply to my work on a daily basis.

What are your main work activities?

Managing staff, which includes leading and training other members of the document scanning department, managing individual document scanning projects on behalf of clients, and attending prospective and existing client meetings to present and demonstrate our services.

How has your role developed?

Since joining Shredall I have been given the opportunity to progress my role and develop the commercial skills needed to do the job.

The document scanning department has grown significantly since my arrival, so my role has evolved and it is now my main focus to help expand and grow the department.

My short term career ambition is to increase my knowledge and skill set in a responsible job, which offers an opportunity for professional challenges over time. In the long term I would love to establish my own business based around the professional experience I'm building up now.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I love problem solving to help clients get the best out of our services. As the industry continues to adapt with technology, I enjoy demonstrating and presenting new and innovative techniques for document management to help clients manage the process better.

I know it sounds like a cliché but I love the company I work for. Shredall and SDS Document Storage and Scanning is a company that offers me a stable and positive atmosphere and that inspires me to build and develop my career as much as possible.

What are the most challenging parts of your job?

Having to present and speak to people in large groups is always challenging. At university I hated presentations and I was always so nervous. I still feel those nerves now but I think that as you get older you learn to become stronger in those situations.

Any advice for someone who wants to get into this job?

Don't wait to be told what to do - you will never get ahead by waiting for someone to tell you. Take responsibility of your mistakes too. It's OK to make mistakes early on in your career and you will grow by embracing the lessons learned from those mistakes and committing to learn from those experiences.

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