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Analytics officer — Stephanie Ghioni

Stephanie Ghioni studied MSc Public Policy and Management at SOAS University of London and is now working as an analytics officer for Bloomberg LP

How did you get started in data analysis?

As a student at SOAS, I wrote my dissertation about the use of big data in the context of public policy. Since then, and thanks to my tutor's mentorship, I became passionate about the combination of both analytics and decision-making. Nowadays, data and evidence are essential for the government as well as businesses in taking and supporting decisions that affect us all.

What's a typical day like as an analytics officer?

We're the frontline of our clients' support, so we're in touch with them from the first working hour in the morning.

Our objectives and targets are very clear, so we plan our day ahead in order to bring the quickest and best solutions for our customers.

The work is a combination of real-time customer support and a sales component that involves pitching campaigns to relevant targets. This is complemented by internal meetings in which we define strategies and team goals.

What part of your job gives you the most satisfaction?

Being trusted by a very diverse range of clients on their business plans and operational goals and being able to contribute to their success is what brings the most satisfaction. Besides, expectations and targets are clear, so it's easy to assess your work and areas of improvement, which makes it all the more motivating.

What are the challenges?

The main challenges of an analytics role are getting used to a very fast-paced environment and the constant pressure, which means that you have to anticipate your clients' needs and questions. Being fully ready and available at all times, to bring the best to the table is a challenge, but it's a very rewarding experience at the end of the day.

In what ways is your Masters degree relevant?

It has developed my critical thinking and pushed me to think outside the box in terms of problem solving. The diversity of voices has made the discussions very rich and prepared me for feeling comfortable in a multicultural working environment.

Building and maintaining relationships with clients sometimes goes beyond the 'product pitch' so having been exposed to the SOAS community taught me much about relationship-building and how diversity is always an added-value.

How has your role developed and what are your ambitions?

Aside from being at the frontline of customer support, I'm now responsible for understanding my accounts' own plans for the future and how our products help them achieve their goals, which is indeed a great opportunity.

My ambition is to develop leadership and people skills in a team leader position.

What advice would you give to those considering a career in analytics?

If you're considering a career in analytics, take time to develop your problem-solving skills, be creative, and learn how to communicate with a different range of people (customers, stakeholders, co-workers, management). At the end of the day, you want to be regarded as someone people know and enjoy working with.

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