Case study

Business consultant — Luke Best

Due to an interest in the people side of business Luke completed a Masters in occupational psychology before joining the Business Consulting Graduate Scheme at Atos

How did you get your job?

I started working at Atos in 2011. I wanted to be a part of a leading global IT company with a range of clients in a host of different sectors and industries.

I joined the Business Consulting Graduate Scheme as part of the people and change team. I focused on delivering the people aspects of technology projects e.g. visioning, change readiness assessments, training, stakeholder management etc.

What's a typical day like?

The first thing I do is check emails and hold a meeting with my project team to understand where we are with key activities, discover what needs to be completed by the end of the day and provide an opportunity for team members to ask questions.

I then create a 'to do' list prioritising all the activities that I need to complete. This is followed by a catch up meeting with the client to outline what activities my team are working on and what help we need from the client team, before feeding back to my own team members.

In the afternoon I facilitate a workshop with the client team to help them understand which elements of the process need to be changed and how and where improvements can be made to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

This is followed by a call with other business consultants who are also members of the consulting communications board to shortlist articles for the following month's edition of the internal business consulting newsletter and agree on who will write the articles.

I then have meetings with the team members I manage to discuss their training and development objectives and provide advice and guidance.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I get some fantastic experience working on projects for a host of different clients in a range of different industries.

Working for a leading global IT company with a focus on innovation and digital transformation means that I get to work on some exciting projects. I enjoy solving problems for clients with tailored solutions, as every client problem is unique.

As I'm from a psychology background I also enjoy the people aspects of business and technology, such as engaging with members of the client team and working with them to help them engage with new technology changes.

What are the challenges?

Clients don't always know what they want so working collaboratively with them to try and establish their vision can be quite challenging.

People don't like change and technology projects always have an impact, so working with the client team to get them to embrace the changes can be a challenge.

In what way is your degree relevant?

My undergraduate degree was in applied psychology. I then went on to do a Masters in occupational psychology where I learned about the psychology of business, organisations and employees and how to effectively apply psychological theories, methodologies and principles to the business world.

How has your role developed?

Since I joined Atos as a graduate business consultant my role on client projects has changed from gathering and assessing data and information, to leading teams, holding responsibility for developing solutions and managing and maintaining positive relationships with key members of the client team.

My ambition is to work on exciting and innovative projects that help clients move forward into the digital age.

How do I get into business consulting?

Being a business consultant is all about problem solving. You need to be inquisitive, good at listening and able to understand client challenges and how to solve them.

Digital is, and will be, the biggest trend for organisations over the next few years so if you want to work as a business consultant in the technology industry, increase your knowledge of digital processes and transformation.

I would also recommend a Masters in occupational psychology. It's a very well-rounded course that not only provides you with knowledge of the psychology of business, organisations and employees, but also equips you with a number of soft and transferable skills that are useful for any business consultant.

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