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Business development and entrepreneur community manager — Carina Latz

Carina studied MSc Management for Business Excellence, at the University of Warwick. She tells us more about her study experience

Why did you choose to study this MSc?

I wanted to develop my career and I knew that an MSc from an international university, like the University of Warwick, would be well received. This course stood out to me as something special and different. I was not wrong.

Can you tell us about your experience on this course?

I loved the self-directed nature of learning, which is a feature of Warwick Manufacturing Group's (WMG) academic approach. We weren't given answers, but instead given the tools to go out and find those solutions ourselves. We all worked together to solve problems. This was difficult at first but we got better as we developed our team working skills. This was fantastic because it really encouraged us to challenge ourselves and our way of thinking.

During the modules, we worked in teams to simulate a real business situation. These simulations were a great feature of the course and a brilliant way to learn. We didn't always get it right but that's part of the experience, and a part of business. You may fall down, but you get back up and try again. After a while, you don't just find the solution, but learn a lot from the process of getting there. That's so much more powerful than sitting in a lecture room and being talked at.

What did enjoy about the programme?

I loved the strong focus on collaborative learning all the way through the programme. We had a wide mix of people, with students from sixteen countries, all with different backgrounds and experiences. We were really able to learn a lot from each other. For me, that in itself was a marvellous experience that taught me as much about life as it did about business management.

How has knowledge from the course helped your career?

The knowledge I gained from my MSc course helps me on a daily basis. I feel that I understand businesses and the challenges they face. I can speak to senior people with confidence, and I can quickly gain their respect. The course has transformed me, both as a business professional and as a person.

I have held several project manager roles since graduating from the course and I am currently working as a business development and entrepreneur community manager, supporting digital transformation and corporate innovation.

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