Case study

Digital content editor — Bryony Hayburn

Bryony studied marketing and public relations with advertising at the University of Chester and now focuses on content creation for Festive Lights

How did you get your job?

I signed up to lots of job sites and sent my CV along with a cover letter, which I ensured was always specifically written for the role to each job.

Festive Lights was the third interview I was offered. I originally had a phone interview, after which I was given a task to write a blog post and provide some ideas on how I would improve the site and the content.

I was then asked back for a face-to-face interview and offered the position on the day.

Experience can be hard to come by in this sector so just do everything you can to make yourself stand out

How relevant is your degree to your job?

Very relevant. While I was at university I chose to focus on digital communication and social media strategy, along with learning basic HTML code, all of which have been invaluable in my current role.

What does a typical working day involve?

I create content for the website which means that I come up with different feature ideas, ensure that they work for our readers and then research and write them.

In the digital age we're very conscious that everything we put out will be shared on social media, so our videos, blog posts and inspiration pages all have to be appropriate for those platforms. I will also spend some time writing small condensed versions of product descriptions, so that each product will appear correctly in Google searches.

I'm responsible for ensuring that all content fits our house style and word count and that what we generate is grammatically and factually correct. I also make sure that any images alongside the content are appropriate and appealing to readers.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the people that I work with, which is such a huge part of job satisfaction for me but I also love the fact that I get the chance to be creative in my writing and that I am encouraged to bring as much personality to my role as possible.

What are the most challenging parts of your job?


Any advice for others who would like to get into this career?

Experience can be hard to come by in this sector so just do everything you can to make yourself stand out. While at university I ran a company's social media accounts and wrote a blog.

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