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Digital graduate — Rosie Camidge

The skills Rosie developed on her degree, combined with relevant work experience, were key to her securing a job as a digital graduate

What degree did you study?

I studied joint honours BA French and Psychology at Lancaster University, graduating in 2018. I am currently studying for a CIM Diploma in Digital Marketing to inform my work.

How did you get your job?

BGL Group reached out to me on LinkedIn as I had work experience from a placement year that matched the profile they were looking for. I applied to the BGL Group graduate programme via their website and was accepted into the role after a series of interviews and tests.

How relevant is your degree?

The psychology half of my degree has set me up well, as it is similar to user research and product development - come up with a hypothesis, select the right research method, run a study and learn from the results.

BGL Group has a company in France called, so the French half of my degree has opened up opportunities to network with colleagues abroad and learn more about the wider group.

I also learned valuable soft skills from my degree, such as presenting, time management and data analysis.

What's a typical day like?

It's a varied role, with placements in SEO (search marketing), user research, web optimisation and product.

I have just started a six-month rotation in optimisation, so I am getting to know stakeholders from customer experience and product. I will be working with them to test new designs on the website.

To find test ideas, I look into previous research or live website data and identify points where our customers struggle or leave the website. I then work with colleagues in user experience to understand the problem better or scope out a solution. Once we have what we think is the answer, we give it a go and I monitor how it performs.

What do you enjoy about your job?

The best thing about my job is that it focuses on the customer. What I do enhances their experience with us and helps them to get the right product. Although I feel some satisfaction from meeting a commercial target, for me it's more rewarding to know that I've helped people access the information or service they need.

What are the challenges?

Digital is always evolving so I will need to learn about new methods, tools and customer trends throughout my career. It's exciting to work in a changing landscape but it requires a genuine enthusiasm and curiosity to keep up with the competition.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

I'd like to work in a role where I'm shaping the strategy of how a product or platform develops. Right now, I enjoy working on projects that I know will take us forward but seeing a strategy plan from inception to completion would be satisfying.

I would also love to find a role that incorporates my language skills, maybe with a foreign language product or by working with overseas teams.

What advice can you give to others?

  • Start your career search based on what suits you in terms of skills, work location and values.
  • Don't be shy, reach out to people in the industry to find out how they got there.
  • Finally, make an online profile so that companies can find you.

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