Case study

Digital learning coach — Catherine

Catherine's degree has prepared her well for a job in education. Find out more about her role as digital learning coach at a further education (FE) college

How did you get your job as a digital learning coach?

Having graduated with a BA Hons Education Studies and History from the University of Gloucestershire, I saw a job for a digital learning coach advertised on a local newspaper website.

The job was at Gloucestershire College, which has a great reputation, and the job description really appealed to me.

What's a typical day like?

My role at the college is to encourage staff and students to use digital technologies in their teaching and learning, working with a variety of departments ranging from early years and construction, to hair and beauty and sixth form. This role has helped me to grow in confidence in an educational environment and learn more about FE.

My day is varied with student sessions and formal-staff training, as well as with dealing with lots of staff members popping in with queries.

I've had the opportunity to attend external conferences to find how we can use the latest technology and had the chance to network with other colleges.

Within my role I observe lessons and develop projects with staff and students. In my most recent project I've worked with students to find out their perspective on using digital technologies in their studies. The project has been very successful and led to me presenting at conferences with colleges and universities from around the world.

What do you enjoy about being a digital learning coach?

I enjoy working with the staff and students and have learned so much from my job about the education sector.

I work with a fantastic team and we're always looking for new innovative ideas and challenges.

What are the challenges?

Working in FE is varied but exciting. I'm always busy with training, meetings and session preparations but I wouldn't change anything.

How relevant is your degree to your job?

My degree fits well with my role. The seminars and workshops looked at a range of issues and theories relating to education, and I developed skills and knowledge that are ideal for jobs within the education sector.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

I would like to continue working in education, and develop more confidence in my role. FE is always changing, making no two years the same.

What advice can you give to others wanting a career in education?

Go out and get lots of experience. If you would like to work in education, there's always something new to learn in teaching.

Keep up to date with new tools to aid teaching and learning; there are lots of organisations that provide the latest tips, tricks and ideas.

There are also lots of jobs in education so do some research on what is out there.

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