Case study

Digital marketing manager — Gareth Jones

Gareth studied Media Technology at the University of Lincoln before moving into digital marketing. Find out how he secured his current position

How did you get your job?

After I finished my degree I focused my attention on pursuing a career in digital marketing by developing a portfolio of successful marketing campaigns as a freelance marketer.

I joined Kit Out My Office, a retailer selling office furniture online, as their digital marketing manager. They required an individual with a broad range of skills and during my time at university I learned a little about a lot; as part my course I had access to the latest technology, from audio and video editing software through to web development software.

This, on top of past experience, was the reason they chose me over other candidates.

What's a typical day like as a digital marketing manager?

I spend a lot of time managing the company's digital marketing strategy and ensuring the team and the agencies that we work with are doing their part in helping us to hit the targets set. To help us understand where we are against our targets, I produce reports using tracking software such as Google Analytics and ensure any insight is fed back to the team.

In addition to the above, I'm often helping the team manage order processing, customer services and assisting with the production of marketing literature and website updates.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy seeing returns on the work that the team and I complete. For example, if we publish a new page on a website we are able to monitor how people interact with the page and understand whether or not they are having a positive experience.

What are the challenges?

There are many sub-sets or channels within digital marketing, such as search engine optimisation, email marketing and paid search advertising. Staying at the cutting edge of each one is a challenge, but a fun one.

Technology is constantly moving and as such, so are the strategies and tactics required to market your business online.

In what way is your degree relevant?

My degree is extremely useful as I was able to learn how to use a variety of software packages, from 3D editing and graphics software through to web development tools. I lean on the skills I developed at university on a daily basis, from teaching others how to use the software or doing the work myself.

How has your role developed?

My role has developed from working to meet the objectives of a strategy written by someone else to actually being the person that creates the strategy and reports on it. Furthermore, as a manager I am responsible for ensuring the development of my team, so I am often spending time with them as individuals in order to teach new skills.

How can I get a job in digital marketing?

I recommend attending job fairs to gain a better understanding of the marketing career of interest to you. Attending such events also gives you a chance to make connections with businesses and recruiters.

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