Case study

Digital marketing manager — Mark McGonigle

Mark's degree in business management secured him the position of digital marketing manager at Furniture At Work

How did you get your current job?

I took a different route to many graduates who left at the same time as me. When I left university the labour market was very competitive and rather than waiting for the right opportunity I wanted to get into work and start using the skills I had.

I found an apprenticeship and managed to get a place. It was great because it meant that I had a foot in the door of the company and could develop on the job.

You really have to connect with the job you do and feel that it challenges and rewards you

How relevant is your degree to your job?

I really enjoyed studying business because it gave me an understanding of all levels of a company. It meant that when I was applying for jobs I could show enthusiasm and that I knew what the pressures were on all the different parts of the business.

What do you do day-to-day?

I'm always looking at creating new images and advertising banners to put on the website to showcase the new lines of furniture.

I have to think quite creatively to produce the images and showcase products in a fresh way that will connect with customers.

What are your career ambitions?

My career ambition is to build the marketing team within Furniture At Work and to improve the bottom line figures.

What do you enjoy about your job?

It's never boring. The ever-changing, fast-paced nature of the business means that images and banners need to be constantly reviewed. If something happens in the marketplace then we need to react to that and that keeps you on your toes.

What are the best things about working in this sector?

The changing nature of the products and the opportunity you get to play around with software to get the images right.

I really enjoy the technical challenge that goes with creating the right sort of multimedia products for the company. It's a combination of business knowledge from my degree and keeping your imagination going.

Any advice for others who would like to get into this career?

It's quite a simple piece of advice but I think it's one that a lot of people ignore. Ensure that you enjoy what you do, as it will make the experience a whole lot easier.

Thinking back to the people who graduated alongside me I know that there were people who took jobs because of the money, or because it's what they felt they should be doing. In my experience that sort of motivation doesn't last long, you really have to connect with the job you do and feel that it challenges and rewards you.

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