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Energy and environmental senior adviser — Kiro Tamer

Kiro studied for a BEng Hons in energy engineering and sustainability. He now works within energy management for Keltbray

How did you get your job?

I initially got my foot through the door via the placement year of my degree. This was a great opportunity to gain practical experience and to prove myself. I was kept on part time for my last year of university and was given a full-time contract when I graduated.

I stayed with this company for five years, which gave me lots of experience and when I was ready for a change, I uploaded my CV online and was head hunted for my current role at Keltbray.

What's a typical day like?

We have many locations (depots, offices and constructions sites) across London and the UK so this always provides the opportunity to learn something new. My activities can be broken into:

  • energy and environmental auditing of different projects, which ensures compliance and allows for any opportunities to be identified and explored
  • collating, reviewing and presenting on the companies energy performance
  • writing the environmental management plans for any new project
  • staff engagement, this can vary from designing and delivering training material to writing articles for our intranet page.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Keltbray's great reputation means we provide services to key projects. My biggest is Battersea PowerStation, it's a great opportunity and a personal achievement to be involved in such unique developments.

I really enjoy that every project is different. However, we still need to ensure a standard practice to protect the environment, and creating these solutions makes the job really interesting.

I also enjoy the fact that my work goes directly towards reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

What are the challenges?

Initially, the main challenge was transferring my skills and adapting my ways from the rail to the construction sector - the construction industry is more fast moving.

In what way is your degree relevant?

My degree provided me with the technical knowledge to question and really understand possible solutions.

I also think my degree provided me with the skills to research and make professional documentation, which is a key requirement of my role.

How has your role developed?

My role has developed in line with industry demands, for example in recent years the UK government with the EU has implemented the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), this requires large companies to carry out energy audits. I was able to do the course and become a qualified ESOS Lead Assessor.

I want to become an energy manager and keep driving the efficiency of the industry via new technologies and staff engagement.

How do I get into energy management?

  • Perseverance. Don't give up. For my placement I applied for 90 jobs and only got two offers.
  • Be open minded, don't narrow your choices until you explore them in detail. Especially for energy management, everything in our modern society uses energy, therefore every industry will require your skills.

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