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Event and marketing manager — Laura Jayne

Laura loves meeting new people and helping to create special memories in her role as an event manager. Discover how she got her job and where she hopes it will take her

How did you get your job as an event organiser?

With a lot of persistence. I studied for a BA (Hons) Event Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University and saw my current job at Chapel 1877, a restaurant and bar with a function suite, advertised through an agency and applied. However, the company wanted someone with more experience and my CV was initially rejected three times.

Having just completed a 'living CV' as part of my degree, I sent this to the company and was offered an interview. I offered to do some unpaid work with them to prove my capability. I was offered a job four days after graduation. Since being offered the job I have been made aware this was due to my positive 'can do', 'go-getter' attitude.

What's a typical day like?

I'm mainly office based and each day generally consists of emails, phone calls, viewings and meetings with clients and customers. I also write a lot of proposals for weddings and corporate bookings. I write copy for adverts and work closely with the graphic designer.

What do you enjoy about your job?

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a wedding through from first meeting, to greeting the newlyweds. I love seeing guests enjoying themselves, and helping to create those special, happy memories in someone's life is a privilege.

I also take great pride in branding, adverts and brochures. I work closely with the graphic designer to ensure it maintains our premium image.

It's rewarding to see a final product that you've worked hard on from concept to completion.

What are the challenges?

It can be difficult ensuring that all departments have the same, precise instructions for events. It can also be challenging resolving general complaints: it's easy to see situations from both the customer and business view, so it can be difficult to find a common ground.

How is your event management degree relevant?

If you have a passion for events, the course at Cardiff Metropolitan University will equip you with the knowledge, experience and skills to pursue a career in this field. The teaching staff were extremely facilitating and couldn't do enough to support my personal and professional growth. I've no doubt that without my degree, I wouldn't have gained the skills required to fulfil my job role.

In particular, team leading university projects gave me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills, which I never knew I had.

How has your role developed?

There was a period early in my career where I was running the department alone, which gave me a great opportunity to accept a lot of responsibility and show my loyalty to the company. This experience expanded my events knowledge and gave me an opportunity to understand the business in more depth. One year on, this lead to a promotion as head of department.

What are your career ambitions?

My ambitions are to have my own events company or to organise the backstage areas at high profile festivals, such as Louder Lounge at V Festival.

What are your tips for getting into event organising?

Get as much relevant work experience as possible.

You are your brand so a happy disposition and 'can do' attitude will take you far. Events are all about the experience, they should be happy ones.

Invest time into building relationships with people in your networks. There has to be trust in business.

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