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Front-end web developer — Laura Varney

Laura uses the skills she learned during her degree every day in her role as a front-end web developer. Find out how she got her first job and how she hopes to develop her career

How did you get your job as a web developer?

I graduated recently with a first class honours degree in web development from Staffordshire University. I was offered my job at ProspectSoft, a customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, after completing a placement year with them, which I did between the second and third year of my degree. Upon finishing my degree I was in full-time employment.

What's a typical working day like?

A typical working day starts off with a quick stand-up meeting to catch up with other team members about the previous day. Then I work in a team of six, with other front-end developers with varying knowledge and skill sets, to build the company's core web user interface (UI) CRM. As part of the team, I participate in the planning, building and testing of components, built with Vue.js framework, HTML and CSS.

What do you enjoy most about web development?

I enjoy being able to continually learn, even after finishing my degree. The web industry is fast moving and can change quickly, so there are always new skills and knowledge to pick up.

What are the challenges?

The fast-moving nature of web development can be a challenge, as I need to be able to adapt to constant changes and take initiative in learning the new languages or tools.

How relevant is your degree to your job?

It's very relevant as I use the tools and languages that I learned during my course every day in my role.

Where do you see yourself in five years' time?

I would like to be leading my own team of front-end developers and build user-friendly, user experience-focused products and websites.

What are your top tips for others interested in web development?

  • Take every opportunity you're given - these opportunities can provide you with great experience, help you develop new skills and make contacts in the profession.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions - web development is a continual learning process.
  • Don't be afraid to fail - you grow from every mistake.

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