Case study

Graphic designer — Tom Almond

Tom graduated from Edge Hill University with a degree in Web Systems Development. Discover how this and his LinkedIn profile helped him to secure a job as a graphic designer

How did you get your job?

I was working for an office supply company and exploring work opportunities in different industries. By coincidence I was approached by a specialist recruitment agency on LinkedIn about a position with Victorian Plumbing.

What's a typical day like as a graphic designer?

My job is interesting because of the variety of work involved. On one hand, I have things that need to be completed every week such as our sale branding, print adverts and social media content. On the other hand, as a growing company we're always trying new things, as a result of this new design jobs can come up at any time. The marketing team at Victorian Plumbing has ten team members, and although we work independently, we all support each other and enable each other to do our best work.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy being able to dedicate so much of my time to creating. In my previous position, I was an all-rounder in a small marketing department and while I love being involved in so many aspects of marketing, design is my passion.

Being able to design all day in such a brilliant work environment is definitely a plus.

What are the challenges?

The biggest challenge of working for a company of this size is trying to find the right balance between creating something that is visually interesting, and also creating something that engages customers on a level that allows us to meet the needs of the business.

In what way is your degree relevant?

My degree has been incredibly relevant to my position, as a lot of the modules were based around design, which helped greatly.

I enjoy getting involved with the user experience and design of the website, so having knowledge of web development is definitely an advantage.

How has your role developed?

While I've only been at Victorian Plumbing for a short time, I constantly find myself eager to explore different parts of the business. I think it's important regardless of your position within a company to understand as much of it as possible, to give you a broad understanding of not only the business, but the industry.

My ambition is to keep doing what I enjoy, which is designing. Victorian Plumbing have such a huge legacy of content on their website, and are expanding in so many ways, so we've definitely got plenty of work to do and plenty of ambition to get us there.

How do I get into graphic design?

I think while a formal education in graphic design will be a big benefit, the most important thing is to have a great portfolio of work, and most importantly passion for what you do.

The other thing which benefited me greatly was my LinkedIn profile. I would say if you're looking for a job, it's absolutely crucial to use LinkedIn as an extension of your CV. It allows you to give your prospective employer a fuller picture of who you are, something that a CV really can't do.

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