Case study

ImmerQi intern — Jonathan

Jonathan headed to China during his gap year and spent 12 weeks in Shanghai interning as a marketing assistant on the ImmerQi Corporate Internship Programme

Why did you go to China for an internship?

I first visited China four years ago on a school exchange programme. Ever since, I have loved the country so I wanted to go back during my gap year (between high school and university) to work. With its opportunities in China the ImmerQi internship programme really appealed to me.

What were your responsibilities?

I worked at a marketing and strategic development agency as a marketing assistant. My role involved working on social media, website editing, attending client meetings, planning events and other such tasks.

My responsibilities were different from what I expected 'typical intern responsibilities' to be as I was involved in all of the company's core client projects -from social media to research.

The experience has helped me to improve in many different ways.

What did you enjoy about your internship?

My supervisors taught me the basics and then built on this knowledge so tasks didn't seem too daunting. I also liked working in an office that presented such a range of opportunities. I felt motivated and involved with the team.

I think doing an internship abroad is the best way to find out what you ought to do in the future.

How has the experience benefited you?

I believe that doing an internship in China benefited me a lot, mainly because of the international travel. Not many people have actually been to China and fewer people have actually worked in the country so the experience is seen as a strong point when employers look at me.

What advice would you give to someone considering the ImmerQi Corporate Internship Programme?

It is never too late to go abroad. You will have the chance to learn and develop as a person. China is a great place where you can discover many different things, from learning the language to developing social and professional skills.

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