Case study

Interior designer — Becki Watkinson

A desire to do more 3D rendering led Becki to apply for a role with office interior design company Penketh Group. She is coming to the end of her training and is still enjoying the challenges that interior design presents

What degree did you study and where?

I studied interior design at the University of Bolton. This was the perfect preparation for my career as I still use a lot of the skills that I learned at university in my job.

What is your job title?

I'm a CAD designer and space planner. This means that I look at the dimensions a company might have to work with and create detailed pictures of what these could look like once Penketh have worked on the space.

What's a typical day like?

There are always different projects to complete, meetings to attend and clients to visit. We meet first with the client and try to understand the challenges that they face. We then look at how we can solve some of those problems with interior and furniture design. This might mean working on the computer to design a customer's new office space, or looking at a range of furniture options for their workplace.

Alternatively, I might be talking with colleagues about presenting the designs we've done for the client.

How has the role developed?

I'm coming to the end of my training now but the role has developed in the sense of what I can now do. Anyone who works with CAD programmes will tell you that they're capable of amazing things but they require a lot of experience. I'm really beginning to learn not just how to get the most out of the programme but how to work on a number of designs.

What do you enjoy about the job?

While I was at university I really enjoyed creating 3D renders. As I'm able to do this in my current role, I think that it's still what I enjoy the most.

I also like discussing projects with clients. It's good to hear what they want to get out of a space, and being able to guide them to create an amazing working environment is really satisfying.

What are the challenges?

Getting to know all of the furniture and brands we use to help create solutions for companies. There are loads.

What advice would you give to those wanting to work in the role?

If you want to work in a creative sector, then you really need to be passionate about it. There are a few times where your mind goes blank and you're having a really uncreative moment and it's stressful. This is certainly true when you're working towards a deadline. It's good to know that you can deal with a lot of work and pressure, and university really set me up for that.

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