Case study

Legal Practice Course (LPC) graduate — Emily McKinnell

Emily studied the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) at The University of Law (ULaw)'s Guildford centre, and is now studying the Legal Practice Course (LPC)

Why did you choose postgraduate study in law?

Law can really make a difference to people's lives.

On a higher level, it's a gateway for change in society and a vehicle for justice. It's clear to see how a long and successful career in law would enable someone to contribute positively to society.

On a lower level, it's possible to make a difference right from the beginning of the GDL or LPC through volunteering and pro bono work.

Why did you choose this institution and course?

I chose ULaw's Guildford centre because of its excellent reputation and convenient location. The open day gave me a real insight into the life of a ULaw student, and an opportunity to ask questions about the course, workload and methods of teaching. It was clear that, despite the rigorous nature of the courses offered, there was still a heavy emphasis on having fun.

However, the defining factor was the tutors; enthusiastic, personable and devoted to helping their students, they're the lifeblood of ULaw. They're always available to answer questions, lend a listening ear or help in a moment of exam stress. They dedicate their time to ensuring that all students fulfil their potential.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I've secured a training contract. ULaw's careers service was excellent in helping me to achieve this goal. They read through my CV, helped me to tailor applications and prepared me for interviews.

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