Case study

MA Criminology student — William Horncastle

William is studying MA Criminology at the University of Bedfordshire. Discover why he chose this particular course

Why did you choose this course and institution?

After three enjoyable years studying criminology at undergraduate level, the only thing on my mind was to carry on to postgraduate study. This was due partly to my love for the subject, but mainly the incredible support I received from the staff in the faculty.

Tell us about the course…

Criminology is a fascinating subject that consists of many perspectives, theories and ideologies. The course plays on this, giving you the opportunity to choose four units to add to the three compulsory units. All of this is finally wrapped up with the dissertation at the end of the year.

What are the benefits of postgraduate study?

There is the obvious benefit of making yourself stand out to employers, as having additional qualifications can only be a good thing. Secondly, it allows you to mould your learning to suit your personal preference. Above all is the opportunity to expand your subject knowledge.

What advice would you give to others considering postgraduate study?

Take it by both hands and get involved in the course and the university as a whole. Make sure you chat with staff and make connections. It’s not just about what you learn; the contacts that you gain throughout your studies are what help to push you to the next step in your academic career. Most important of all, have fun and enjoy what you’re doing.

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