Case study

MA Medieval History student — Bradley Bosson

Bradley is studying for an MA in Medieval History at The University of Sheffield. Find out what advice he would give to prospective postgraduate students

Why did you choose this course and institution?

As an undergraduate I had a great experience at Sheffield, with a range of topics taught by excellent staff. I chose medieval history because it fascinates me and the unfamiliarity of the period forced me out of my comfort zone.

Tell us about the course…

It examines the period from the transformation of the Roman world up to the establishment of the inquisition and the 'persecuting society' by the 14th century. Once we had surveyed the medieval period, we looked deeper into methodological questions and forms of evidence, such as archaeology, texts, art and law-codes.

I have also taken public history and archaeology modules.

What are the benefits of postgraduate study?

You really get to grips with a subject of interest and have the freedom to study what you want. As a postgraduate, you are also given the chance to engage with the department through research seminars and reading groups, giving you a taste of a career in academia.

What advice would you give to others considering postgraduate study?

It's a big step up from undergraduate, so don't think it will be an easy transition. However, it is highly rewarding and engaging and I would recommend it to anyone who has a real desire to study at a higher level.

Think about what areas interest you, look for appropriate courses and find out whether it is financially feasible.

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