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Masters graduate in accounting and finance — John Wood

John Wood studied MSc Accounting and Finance at BPP University

Why did you choose this institution and course?

I studied BSc Accounting and Finance at Anglia Ruskin University before joining BPP. This course was accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and therefore allowed me to attain all nine Foundation papers. However, I knew that I wanted to continue in the field by studying for the Professional papers.

I wanted to join a professional and respected institution that offered high-quality teaching and study materials. I was also looking to improve my employability, and be taught by lecturers with extensive experience so that I could gain additional insight into the graduate workplace.

BPP University was a constant frontrunner for these reasons, as well as its impressive ranking by ACCA and the glowing testimonials of students past and present.

What did the programme involve?

The 12-month course comprised of eight core modules and a dissertation that was spread over three terms. Though my main priority was the Professional-level exams, the postgraduate aspect of the course was much more valuable than I imagined it would be.

Its broad scope allowed me to build upon the essentials of the subject. It furthered my previous work in finance while providing a more detailed view of the accounting requirements of corporations in the UK.

The programme also honed my employability and transferable skills throughout, thanks in no small part to the support of the friendly and helpful staff.

BPP University’s facilities were fantastic – especially for such a small campus. We were given all of the relevant materials for the ACCA-based modules completely free of charge, plus subscription to the Financial Times and access to all of the necessary industry journals.

How did you fund postgraduate study?

The course was self-funded, as I held a part-time job throughout the entirety of the programme. While the structure of the programme heavy prioritised study, it also allowed enough time for shifts at work to be fitted in.

Juggling postgraduate study with a part-time job was not easy. However, the university staff were particularly understanding, which helped me to cope with it all. I was respected and valuable advice was easy to find.

What have you done since graduation?

I have arranged to sit the last of my ACCA exams in December 2015. Once this is completed, I want to start my finance career in either the public sector or the auditing arena. However, I feel that the catalogue of skills that study at BPP University has built up would allow me to pursue most areas of finance or accounting, if not all of them.

What advice would you give those considering the programme?

Thanks to the course, I now possess key employability qualities – leadership and teamwork, for example – alongside core academic skills that I would not have attained were I to have studied for the accounting exams on my own. It also set me up to finish the examined part of my ACCA qualification.

In addition, working with BPP University’s marketing team allowed me to represent the institution at events and sit on panels as a student representative. Opportunities such as this would not have been offered were it not for the friendly and encouraging staff, plus the relatively small number of students at the campus.

Ultimately, the entire experience has greatly improved my professionalism and transferable skillset, while giving me a new level of academic expertise.

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