Case study

Masters student in communication design — Kazz Morohashi

Kazz Morohashi is studying her second Masters degree – MA Communication Design – at Norwich University of the Arts (NUA)

Why did you choose this institution and course?

I wanted a career change, or rather a career 'transition': one that would be gradual, and complement my existing work in the cultural heritage sector.

NUA's cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach is what attracted me. Since MAs in the UK are typically standalone, one-year programmes, I didn't want to spend my time developing a single vocational skill; I wanted to immerse myself in a research-led environment where I could apply my self-taught skills in graphics and illustration.

What does the programme involve?

The MA has been the most demanding and rewarding experience of my life. The lecturers, all specialists in their field, are incredibly hands-on and positive. They're deeply committed to each student and always happy to discuss students' work. I respect them not only for their unreserved support, but also for their invaluable honesty and considered criticisms.

How are you funding postgraduate study?

I'm a self-funding student. I work full-time hours, so therefore find time a scarce resource. Achieving the perfect balance is difficult but, when I'm immersed in study, life naturally reconfigures that balance. Everything becomes more inspiring and enjoyable.

What are your plans for after graduation?

Winning several external awards while at university has opened up many new opportunities. My primary goal, however, is to continue developing an initiative called 'Walkies!' – a heritage mapping project that encourages children to explore museums and other institutions through physical and digital engagement.

What advice would you give those considering the programme?

NUA is a thriving, dynamic and unassuming institution in one of the UK's top research-focused cities. Studying here has been a life-enhancing experience; I strongly urge anyone interested in a creative career to consider NUA.

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