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Masters student in fashion and textiles — Jayne Goulding

Jayne Goulding is studying MA Design: Fashion and Textiles at Bath Spa University

Why did you choose this institution and course?

After gaining my BA in Textiles in 1998, I held several roles in fashion design - most recently as a lingerie and textile designer for a major retailer. I then became a full-time mum for four years, occasionally freelancing during this time.

I chose MA Design: Fashion and Textiles as I've wanted to start a business for years. This part-time programme appealed to me because it focuses on developing a product and taking it to market. I was also attracted by Bath Spa's beautiful, close-knit campus and its fantastic facilities.

What did the programme involve?

The course focuses on the practices surrounding developing a product and positioning it within the marketplace. It strongly encourages research, creativity and experimentation.

Self-motivation and organisation is essential, as the programme is completely owned and driven by students. The programme also provides a wonderful opportunity to use all of the facilities.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I'm already excited at the prospect of working among creative people again, and re-entering the fashion industry with new skills.

This degree, from a highly regarded university, is recognition of my specialisation and will give me an up-to-date professional profile. After my short career break, I'll feel that I'm back on a level footing.

During the course I exhibited at New Designers and have also exhibited work at The Holburne Museum in Bath. I have been interviewed for Texprint and selected as one of their 2015 designers.

What advice would you give those considering the programme?

Understanding what you want to do before starting is a real bonus, even if it's just a research idea. The course is self-taught, so you must work things out on your own. Use your first year in particular to experiment.

The programme is also very fast-paced, making focus and time management vital. Prepare for hard work, and you'll get plenty out of the course.

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