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Mayor of London — Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan studied at The University of Law (ULaw) Guildford and worked as a solicitor before entering politics

At ULaw I really valued the support of my fellow students, my lecturers and my tutors. They kept my motivation levels up through many long days and late nights of revision.

To be a good lawyer, you need to have a burning desire to make society a better place, and that can only be achieved by getting out and helping others. This can be volunteering in your local neighbourhood, giving legal advice through free legal clinics, or even becoming a local councillor.

When I was a student, I volunteered at my local theatre, helped out at community law centres and did all I could to help my local community. This gave me the grounding and experience I needed to become a human rights lawyer.

Being a lawyer is all about taking on tough cases, standing up for the vulnerable and defending access to justice, the rule of law and universal human rights. My advice to any aspiring politician or lawyer would be to live up to those values in every part of your work.

The experience my legal background gave me was vital when I decided to enter politics. I was an MP for my home town in Tooting before becoming Mayor of London. As a human rights lawyer, I defended people who were victims of discrimination and that made me more determined than ever to fight injustice wherever I see it.

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