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Online marketing and social media manager — Bethany Green

A year after graduating Bethany is enjoying the responsibility of developing and maintaining a digital marketing and social media strategy for a professional service recruitment firm

How did you get your online marketing job?

I was headhunted from my LinkedIn profile. In the summer of my second year at university, I gained experience with a consumer lifestyle PR agency, which I think made me stand out.

At the interview for my current role, I had to show my potential to learn quickly and come up with new ideas.

What's a typical working day like?

I manage the firm's social media presence, mainly Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as all other marketing; this is roughly a 50/50 split.

My work is varied but I do have structure to my day. To build good client and candidate relationships, good content is vital. I regularly write blog articles, trend reports, case studies and testimonials and produce a regular newsletter.

Research and relationship building are also a regular part of the job; to ensure the quality of content is high and also to source guest articles.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I love that I am constantly learning, for example I have quickly learned multimedia skills so that I can produce infographics and make videos.

I use specialist software and Google Analytics to track engagement and it’s satisfying to see the results.

What are the challenges?

It's my first job since graduating so sometimes I doubt if I am getting everything right. This was especially true when I started but my confidence is growing as I gain experience.

Also, I had no experience of the professional service sector, so have had to research and learn very quickly.

How relevant is your degree?

My degree has taught me how to adapt both my written and verbal communication skills, for example writing press releases and giving effective presentations.

What are your ambitions?

Currently, it is only me doing the marketing, so I would love to lead a team.

I am also studying for the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing, which will help me further my career.

What advice can you give to others?

Get as much experience as you can both in the summer and during term time. Manage the social media for a charity or a student society. Paid part-time work can also be relevant, for example working for an events company.

Perfect your LinkedIn profile. Be curious and be ready to evidence what you’ve learned beyond theory, in your interviews.

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