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Piano teacher — Sviatlana Feshchanka

As a private music teacher, Sviatlana is responsible for her own development and success as a teacher and musician. Find out what she likes best about combining her musical and teaching skills

How did you get your job?

I graduated with a degree in piano music from the Republic of Belarus. After working there for some time, I went on to work in the United Arab Emirates for five years before moving to the UK, where I'm completing The Teaching Musician PGCert/PGDip/MA at Trinity Laban of Music and Dance. Now I am a self-employed piano teacher.

What's a typical working day like?

My working day can include teaching piano to adults and children, as well as teaching some group piano lessons. Sometimes between the lessons I have free time, which I spend on developing my repertoire knowledge and also practising new pieces.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the opportunity that teaching gives me to discover the potential of every one of my students. I enjoy observing their learning process and also get great satisfaction from the process of teaching itself.

What are the challenges?

The challenge of modern teaching is to stay up to date with new music technologies and to include these technologies in the learning process. However, it's no challenge if you’re in control of your professional development and keeping your finger on the pulse of new digital creations. The challenge then becomes a reward that helps facilitate the teaching process.

How is your degree relevant?

The Teaching Musician course is very relevant to the teaching of new generations of students as it covers the use of digital tools, creativity and smart technologies.

How has your role developed and what are your career ambitions?

Since I've become a self-employed piano teacher, my confidence has grown. This, in turn, has fuelled my career ambitions, which now include building up my entrepreneurship skills and running my own piano studio.

What are your top tips for choosing a Masters?

Look for a course that will enable you to upgrade your professional skills, gain more analytical writing skills, network and make connections, and enhance your musical portfolio.

Courses that provide the opportunity to undertake a placement and masterclasses with highly professional teachers will impact on your mindset and allow you to grow as a musician and teacher.

What's your advice to others wanting to become a private music teacher?

  • Work hard as this brings success and look to develop your skills to make you an outstanding player in the competitive musical market.
  • Network as this helps you make the right contacts, which can lead to a job.
  • Make your career goals clear so you know which direction to move in and plan your daily and monthly tasks. It can help to think outside the box to broaden your horizons.

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