Case study

Production intern — Esther Oladokun

Esther's portfolio helped her land a placement with an iconic vintage handbag and accessories designer in London. Read on to find out what her placement is like

How did you get your stylist job?

Initially, I was working for This Is The Uniform, a small luxury womenswear brand, when my lecturer pointed me in the direction of more opportunities.

I applied to all of them and Lulu Guinness replied and asked me in for an interview. I attended the interview the following day and was given the job that afternoon. I believe it was my updated CV and the mini portfolio of university work that boosted my credentials.

What's a typical day like?

I start at 9:30am. After checking my emails, I unpack boxes from the vendors. I take pictures of all the bags and accessories that have arrived and put them in a fit log (specification sheet).

It's my job to pay attention to detail and to make sure that the vendors have not missed any detailed description that the design team have given them.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the team meetings and working with the people at Lulu Guinness. All aspects of the job are fun.

What are the challenges?

Completing every task is challenging. There is so much to do but so little time.

How relevant is your degree?

Without it, I wouldn't know the process of a collection and how important it is to meet deadlines.

What are your career ambitions?

Working at Lulu Guinness and This Is The Uniform has helped me to develop a better idea of what it is that I want.

Seeing how both a small and a premium luxury brand works has shown me that my aim in life is to have my own luxury brand.

What advice can you give to others wanting to get into this job?

  • Be confident and if you're not confident fake it till you make it.
  • Make sure that what you're doing or aspiring to do is something that makes you happy; if you're not happy in the job you will not do your best and you won't get very far.
  • A portfolio is a necessity. Plus, if you lack confidence, or are nervous, a portfolio will help you talk about the things that you may otherwise forget. It is also an excellent tool to sell your skills as it shows what you can do.

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