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Senior affiliate marketing manager — Louisa Lawson

Louisa believes digital marketing gives you the chance to work with creative people and exciting brands

How did you get into digital marketing?

After I graduated, I started following businesses and agencies that I was interested in. A few had been tweeting about recruitment evenings so I submitted my CV and attended.

Following this, I attended a group interview, a group presentation, a one-to-one interview and then a final presentation before getting a junior account manager position at DigitasLBi.

Research the company you're applying to and find out about their competitors and latest news updates relevant to them

How relevant was your degree?

My degree in communication, advertising and public relations was extremely relevant, although there are many others in the industry who come from other random subjects.

The course was vocational in that it gave me real life experience of agency life and I was assessed on how I performed in this. That was great experience for me to talk about in interviews.

What are your main work activities?

I work across four clients, which means that I constantly have to be ready to look at opportunities for all of them and quickly pass off any irrelevant ones.

I'm partly responsible for new business pitches, client meetings, data analysis and ensuring that my client's campaigns are optimised.

How has your role developed and what are your career ambitions?

I started as a junior account manager, progressed to account manager after a year and was promoted to senior account manager all within three years of graduating.

I am now responsible for other staff members which is really key to my own development and something I'm eager to make a success of.

My ambition is to take the skill set of our team over to America and develop our offering there.

What do you enjoy about digital marketing?

I'm constantly working with creative thinkers and inspiring people and my clients are exciting and interesting brands.

I'm offered so many ways to develop myself in the workplace, and most importantly, I don't wake up in the morning dreading going into the office. People are fantastic fun. There are always events available to attend and global opportunities.

What are the most challenging parts?

Juggling multiple deadlines and priorities is difficult but I quickly learned how to manage my diary and plans for the week.

Saying no to people was a steep learning curve for me; it's important to appear keen in your job, but it's also important not to take on too much and deliver poor work as a result.

Any advice for someone wanting to get into digital marketing?

Think about who you want to work for and what you'd enjoy doing. A foot in the door, in the right company, can work out extremely well.

Research the company you're applying to, find out about their competitors and latest news updates relevant to them. Appearing keen can sometimes be the difference between you and someone else getting the job.

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