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Senior cyber security consultant — Rebecca

Since completing an MSc in Cyber Security and Management at the University of Warwick, Rebecca has been able to use the knowledge gained on the course to directly benefit her clients

What have you been doing since graduating?

I have led projects as a cyber security architect in various sectors, including energy, utilities and financial services. Currently, I work as a senior cyber security consultant at Capgemini.

The Masters course has given me the skills to be able to implement cyber security products and services, such as Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), Privileged Account Management (PAM) and network segregation services in a professional and secure manner for my clients.

I apply the knowledge that I gained from course modules and my dissertation project to directly benefit my clients, by understanding their security and business requirements.

When did you decide to study for an MSc?

I had been thinking about it for a few years. I wanted to get back into the cyber security field and, of course, with the industry evolving so quickly, I needed to update my technical skills. I liked the look of the course at the University of Warwick from the outset - particularly because of Warwick Manufacturing Group's (WMG) strong links to industry. You only have to look at the range of companies involved in the programme to understand that. While other courses focused only on technical elements, WMG's course brings in business and management too. As a learning package, it seemed very well-rounded.

Did the course live up to your expectations?

What surprised me most was the number of people from industry who came in to talk to us about what they do and the challenges that they face. Every one of them was absolutely fascinating to listen to and what they said proved how relevant each module is to business. Having the chance to discuss things with them was one of the biggest positives for me. It helped me to understand exactly how what I was learning is applied in real situations and that brought everything to life.

The course is perfectly designed to prepare people for a working environment. For each module, there's an intensive week of learning that provides a wealth of information. Then, through the assignments and my dissertation project, I was able to research the subject in more depth and present my findings in a document that would be relevant to someone at board or ministerial level.

It's exactly what you do as a consultant - research and analyse information, then make your findings meaningful to a particular audience and their business priorities.

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