Case study

Social media manager — Danielle Millward

Danielle loves her job within an award winning integrated PR agency and finds using her creativity to make social media work for businesses very rewarding

How did you get your job in social media?

I studied journalism at university, which allowed me to focus my studies on social media during my final year. I also set up, and then maintained a lifestyle blog as part of the course, which I feel helped me break into the industry as I didn't have much experience.

I have worked in both traditional PR and digital media, which has helped me to gain much needed work experience both in-house and within an agency.

After a few years gaining knowledge, I moved to an integrated agency where I work solely on social media across a range of B2C and B2B clients.

What's a typical working day like?

There's a lot to do so I plan my day carefully. I am responsible for managing four clients' social media accounts, which vary in size and level of demand. I monitor each client's day-to-day social media communications, as well as plan and implement campaigns. I write a range of content for social media and email and run competitions and promotions. I also identify upcoming social media trends in order to find opportunities.

Analysing our work is important and I do this to ensure we are meeting our objectives and beating our targets. Analysis also helps me to develop the accounts further.

What do you enjoy about your job?

It's very creative and I love the variety of both the work and clients. I also love the feeling when a campaign is successful.

I work at an integrated agency so I also enjoy the teamwork involved; we often brainstorm together and help each other.

What are the challenges?

Occasionally clients disagree with a proposal, but I find that it is often because they have a better understanding of traditional PR methods than of social media. I find that when I explain, in an open and supportive manner, how PR and social media go hand-in-hand, clients are better able to understand the purpose and aims of my proposals.

Also the hours can be long, particularly around a campaign launch, but it’s worth it when you see that the campaign is working and the client is happy.

How has your career developed?

After graduating, I worked in technical journalism and PR, before moving into digital and social media. I plan to stay in social media, develop professionally and progress to a more senior role.

What advice can you give to others?

Learn as much as possible about website optimisation (also known as SEO), pushing content and building brands through different social media networks.

Write a blog, as this not only helps you to build your own personal brand, but also gives you experience, which can be applied for businesses too.

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