Case study

Social media officer — Jasmine Connolly

Jasmine went from studying at Bournemouth University to working there after graduating with an undergraduate degree in communication and media. Discover how she got her job as a social media officer

How did you get your job?

I saw the job advertised on the university's website, applied and went through the traditional interview process.

The interview included a panel discussion and a practical task. I had to write a press release and then put together a tweet and a Facebook post to accompany the release.

Previously I'd worked within the PR department at Bournemouth Tourism, managing the social media there. During that time I'd worked on a video called 'Bournemouth vs California', which went viral overnight. This success allowed me to develop a reputation for myself within the industry.

What's a typical day like as a social media officer?

I work closely with the PR team to promote events across the university and to publicise the research of our academics. I conduct the social media for various campaigns and events including graduation, clearing, the Festival of Learning, the BFX Festival and the Design and Engineering show.

Further to this I support colleagues across the university with social media best practice, offering various training programmes.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I love the variety it provides, the interesting people I get to meet and the events I get to attend.

I'm passionate about education, so being involved with a university is a perfect fit for me. I also really enjoy the creative freedom I'm given and the fantastic team I work with.

What are the challenges?

Managing social media for a large organisation is a challenge in itself. A large number of people want me to promote their events, which aren't always the right fit for our social media channels.

One of the other challenges is that social media is a fast-paced industry and one must maintain a fresh presence and up-to-date knowledge to succeed.

In what way is your degree relevant?

My degree was very broad, so I learned a lot about communications in general. This has not only helped me in my role but has also allowed me to understand the whole marketing mix, which means I'm able to support my colleagues in various ways.

Further to this I developed my team working skills throughout university, which are essential in most jobs.

How has your role developed?

My role was a new position when I started, which meant I had a lot of freedom to develop it the way I wanted. I introduced social advertising to Bournemouth University and developed new channels, while closing down some unloved old ones.

I hope that the social media presence at Bournemouth University will expand, and I would like to manage a team of social media officers.

How do I get into social media?

  • Always think creatively and don't be scared to try new ideas.
  • Develop your natural interest in social media by building your own accounts and online following.
  • Volunteer to do the social media for small business for free to build experience. 

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