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Broadway Technology

Updated: November, 2019

About Broadway Technology

Broadway Technology is a software company that builds and sells low-latency distributed systems, primarily for use in financial applications like trading bonds, fiat currencies, and cryptocurrencies. Our software has powered the world’s most critical systems at top financial institutions and controls well over $125 trillion in business annually across five continents. Our proprietary software platform is an open, flexible, complete solution for screen and automated trading operations of any size and complexity.

Founded in 2003, Broadway has nearly 200 employees worldwide with offices in New York, Austin, London, Waterloo, Toronto and Christchurch. Our founders are industry-recognized innovators with advanced CS/engineering degrees and 15+ years leading high-tech ventures.

We take a rapid, methodical approach to development; and we focus on creating solutions that solve our clients’ immediate needs, yet can evolve and scale as needs change. We believe that creating the best technology is not enough. We have a deep commitment to providing the best service and support in the industry. We partner with our customers to solve the hardest problems they face and ensure they achieve their goals. We are hands-on and solutions-oriented, and understand that we succeed only when our customers succeed.

Broadway Technology's graduate recruitment program, Dojo, was launched in the US in 2012 and for the first time we will be running the program in London in parallel with New York and Waterloo.

The Dojo program lasts around four months, consisting of 3 weeks of daily classes, 2-4 weeks of practical exercises, and the Dojo Project, which lasts around 3 months. The classes cover a wide range of both software and finance concepts to equip the Dojos with the knowledge necessary to succeed at Broadway. We complement the class instruction with practical exercises to give concrete meaning to the concepts learned in the classroom.

After the instruction portion of the program, the entire Dojo class works together on a three month project to create a brand new Broadway product. By the end of the program, the Dojo participants have not only acquired an immense amount of domain specific knowledge and honed their software development skills, they have also delivered a product to the company that will be instrumental in Broadway’s growth and success.

The Dojo program thrives due to our company’s collaborative culture. Our training program includes over 50 presentations from different experts within the company. While working on the Dojo Project, participants are encouraged to reach out to domain experts in the company to discuss their implementation plans and receive technical guidance. The program provides participants with incredible training and the ability to make an immediate impact on some of Broadway’s most important work. We provide our new hires with everything they need to know about software development in the context of finance and then enable them to utilize these skills to build our newest products.

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IT and information services, accountancy, banking and finance



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30 Moorgate
5th Floor

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