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Tutor (Part time)

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Job description

Beginning your career journey with Explore as a Tutor is your first step on an incredible pathway, there are unlimited ways that you will be able to gain new skills, master expertise and shape the future of the company with your insight and drive.

Start date: ASAP.

Roles and Responsibilities:

As a Tutor you will form part of a really close knit team dedicated to bringing children’s learning to life and helping us to create fearless learners.

Everyone remembers the person who inspired them, a teacher, a friend, a family member, someone who changed how they saw things, solved a problem, and recognised their potential.

As a Tutor you will unlock those light bulb moments every single day and inspire children to become learners for life.

You’ll be working with groups of six children all completely mixed ages, ability and backgrounds. On hand all the time you’ll be helping to work out tricky tasks, encouraging our members to ask for help, celebrating when they have a go and recognising their hard work and effort. You’ll be trained to have an armoury of different teaching methods at your finger tips and you’ll be a master of a celebratory high five!

Person requirements

  • Great role models that are ambitious and driven.
  • People with a passion for education who can deliver exceptional service.
  • Incredible people who will inspire and motivate children.
  • Fun, exciting people who will throw themselves into the centre atmosphere.
  • Great Explore ambassadors.
  • You might have some experience working with children and you’ll definitely have the desire to meaningfully impact a child’s education and be an aspirational role model for our members.

You should be strong in our seven core competencies, these will put you in excellent stead for working here, these are the things we’ll be looking for…

  • Passion – a strong desire to grow the business, to make a meaningful impact, our people are inspirational, ambitious and goal-orientated.
  • Communication – everyone here is energetic, warm, positive, articulate, adaptable, credible and empathetic with fantastic interpersonal skills.
  • Receptiveness – always seeking feedback, strong self-reflection is crucial to recognise your own strengths and areas for development.
  • Leadership – developing into strong people managers and taking responsibility means you should be confident, driven, assertive, decisive and demonstrate strong self-belief.
  • Resilience – when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities resilience is crucial to deal with setbacks and problem solve any pinch points that you encounter.
  • Initiative – we love nothing more than a can do go get them attitude, we really look for gumption, in absolute bucket loads!
  • Teamwork – one of our fundamental values is Family, this means embracing the collaborative elements of being in a team, taking shared ownership and a conscientious accountability for your work.

Qualifications and experience requirements

You’ll have a grade B or above in maths and English GCSE.

Accepted degree subjects



Competitive salary

Competitive hourly rates plus part-time


East Midlands · East of England · London · North East England · North West England · Scotland · South East England · Yorkshire and the Humber

Over 126 locations nationwide with a further 10-15 opening each year.

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How to apply

Please visit the careers section of our website via the apply button.

Closing date: Continuous recruitment

This job listing will no longer be available on Prospects from 12/06/2017

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