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Catherine Stoneman — Head of recruitment

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catherine stoneman

Catherine Stoneman, Head of recruitment at Explore Learning, talks about what skills candidates need to have to successfully manage their own maths and English tuition centre

What do you look for in an applicant?

We’re really open when it comes to what backgrounds and experiences people come to us from. What’s important is that we hire great ambassadors who are ambitious and driven. We’re looking for people that step up to challenges and inspire great performance by making a meaningful impact on our business, as well as on the lives of the children attending our centres.

Applicants will probably be graduates with strong degree classifications in any discipline, as well as B grades or above in GCSE maths and English. Candidates might have some experience working with children, but they should have the desire to meaningfully impact a child’s education and be an aspirational role model for our members and their team.

How can a graduate stand out?

Whenever we’re looking for people to join the Explore family, we are always seeking those that will embrace our culture and share in our vision and values. We also expect graduates to be strong in seven core competencies:

  • Passion – a strong desire to grow the business and make a meaningful impact.
  • Communication – assistant directors are energetic, warm, positive, articulate, adaptable, credible and empathetic with fantastic interpersonal skills.
  • Receptiveness – always seeking feedback, strong self-reflection is crucial to recognising your own strengths and areas for development.
  • Leadership – developing into strong people managers and taking responsibility means you should be confident, driven, assertive, and decisive and demonstrate strong self-belief.
  • Resilience – crucial to dealing with setbacks and problem solving any pinch points you encounter.
  • Initiative – a ‘can do’ ‘go get them’ attitude, we really look for gumption, in absolute bucket loads.
  • Teamwork – family is one of our fundamental values, which means embracing the collaborative elements of being in a team, taking shared ownership and a conscientious accountability for your centre.

What would a graduate be doing?

The main areas of responsibility are management, sales and marketing, customer service, and, of course, teaching.

We aren’t expecting you to already be an expert in all of these things, as we deliver a vast amount of brilliant training in everything from the national curriculum and working with particular educational needs through to commercial and financial performance analytics. What we’re really after is for you to be willing, trainable, proactive and resilient – so we can help you to learn all of the elements that contribute towards successfully running a centre.

How can graduates find out more about Explore Learning?

Working at Explore Learning means joining an ambitious, people-centred, conscientious company. Everyone is dedicated and excited about our vision and values, which run through the heart of everything that we do, uniting us in making Explore an incredible place for people to thrive in.

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