Training at Macfarlanes

georgia rawlinson

After doing a vacation scheme at Macfarlanes, Georgia Rawlinson is now a third seat trainee at the firm

What first attracted you to a career in law and Macfarlanes?

I did a vacation scheme at Macfarlanes and at another firm. Macfarlanes stood out for me, both in terms of the people and also the range of work it offers. I particularly liked that it had a top private client practice, which is an unusual feature of City law firms. Coming from a non-law background and with no experience of law, having the chance to experience both corporate work of the highest quality and private client was appealing.

What did the induction process involve?

On your first day you are given a mentor who is already a trainee at the firm. They show you around and take you out for lunch, which is a great opportunity to get all the silly questions out of the way. The first few weeks felt very busy as the training both for new joiners and within each seat is front-loaded. While the prospect may have felt daunting, it was made much less so by having such friendly and helpful trainees to show me the ropes.

Tell us about your training contract...

I am a third seat trainee currently sitting in litigation, having already done seats in private client and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). I enjoyed having the chance to experience two such different seats during my first year at the firm.

My work in private client involved technical research but also gave me the opportunity to attend a number of client meetings. I particularly enjoyed the technical nature of the work, which always had a personal element as the client’s personal needs must always be considered. In M&A my work was mainly public law based and it was exciting to see matters I was working on appearing in the press.

Part of the challenge of being a trainee is adjusting to the very different ways of doing things in each department. Luckily there are always people who are happy to help and make this easier.

What makes Macfarlanes an exciting prospect for trainees?

The people at the firm stand out for me. It is a great benefit to work in a place where people genuinely get along and like each other. While it is true that people expect the best, they are also human and the open door policy means that even the more senior people are approachable.

I believe that this culture feeds into one of the best things about Macfarlanes for trainees, which is the opportunity to work regularly one-on-one with senior solicitors and partners. Having the chance to sit with a partner means trainees receive hands-on training and large amounts of responsibility at an early stage.

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