Case study

Harriet — Sales and marketing graduate

Nissan UK

Harriet studied Information Management and Business Studies at Loughborough University before seeking a rotational graduate scheme with a recognised company

Why did you choose Nissan’s graduate scheme?

It provides rotations into different departments and allows you to understand how the different areas work in a short period of time. You get to spend time in parts you might not know about or might think you aren’t interested in, but until you are in that team you never know what you are going to enjoy. Interacting with people across departments allows you to gain more business experience within the industry. Out of the graduate schemes I applied for, this was one of the best.

What’s a typical day like?

It’s jam-packed. You get tasks from all areas of the business and requests from people who require data and support. There are a lot of quick-react scenarios you need to become accustomed to. I think this is a great part of the experience, and helps teach you how to prioritise your workload. The office is really friendly, so my day will also always involve a couple of coffee breaks in the kitchen to talk to colleagues, and there is always support there if you need it.

What’s the working environment like?

The friendliness of everyone in the office is on another level. There are always people to talk to who will support you and help out when required. There is also a lot of appreciation that you are a graduate, so you’re trying to prove yourself and there is a drive to succeed within the company. There are a lot of people who have stayed here after they’ve been on the graduate scheme so they understand what it’s like; overall I’d say it is an easy company to adapt to and find your place in.

What support do you have on the graduate scheme?

There is an official mentor programme which everyone can be a part be of. This really helps you settle in and HR will give you all of the support and guidance you need to set up regular meetings with your mentor to ensure you are discussing the right things for personal development and general business advice.

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