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Premier Pathways

Updated: September, 2018

About Premier Pathways

Premier Pathways is a unique opportunity created to inspire exceptional graduates into the teaching profession.

Developed by leading UK educational organisations including the University of Buckingham, and driven by a sincere passion to improve the opportunities of pupils across the UK, Premier Pathways offers graduates a paid route to a PGCE over two-years, as well as meaningful and rewarding school-based experience that will last a lifetime.

Whether you aspire to become a primary school teacher and give pupils the very best start to their education, or share your advanced subject knowledge as a secondary school teacher, Premier Pathways will accelerate you towards your dream career.

Our mission is simple: equip extraordinary graduates with the practical experience, theoretical knowledge and necessary support required to become an outstanding classroom practitioner and begin a career in teaching.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay your way in to the teaching profession or be rushed into intensive training. That is why Premier Pathways gives you a paid, two-year long role in a school perfectly suited to your career ambitions, with constant support.

Your time at the school in year one will see you become an integral part of the teaching team in a support staff role and in the summer term you start teaching a 0.5 timetable and carrying out lesson observations. This is the beginning of your PGCE at the University of Buckingham.

In the second year up will work as an unqualified teacher. Throughout the programme you will be achieving teaching standards and completing an online portfolio which are required for QTS and your PGCE. Tasks will vary depending on your specific role and educational setting, but your ultimate goal will be to inspire a love for learning among your pupils. We know you can do it.

Our selected training providers deliver a series of seminars, lectures, and events throughout the two year programme ensuring that your crucial school experience is supplemented by a theoretical underpinning. Each Premier Pathways consultant is totally committed to helping you make the decision that is right for your future.

We hope that Premier Pathways will be the start of your journey into education. If, after your time on the programme you decide that this route is not quite suited to you, you can feel secure knowing that you have earned a salary whilst having a positive impact on the education of young learners.

Our cohort for 2017 is now closed and we will not be accepting further applications at this time. The programme for September 2018 is being updated and applications will open in February 2018.

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London, North West England, South East England, West Midlands

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