Case study

Charles Hide — Recruitment manager

Reed Business Information

Charles Hide, recruitment manager at RBI, reveals how highly the data services company values passion, ambition and confidence in its graduate recruits

What do you look for in an employee?

Attitude and aptitude are important. We have high standards, but we’re not a company that insists on ‘degree X’ from ‘University Y’; we’re open-minded, understanding that talent comes in many shapes and sizes. We do like to see a good degree, as it shows us that somebody has direction, ambition, and a good work ethic – but we’re also seeing superb candidates coming through more vocational routes. Communication is key, whether you’re a designer, web developer or an accountant. The ability to present to and work with new people from different backgrounds is vital – the more you communicate, the faster you learn.

How can a graduate stand out?

We see a lot of candidates with great backgrounds, but there are a few things that help you to stand out. A wellwritten CV and cover letter may sound obvious, but so many people get it wrong. A CV that is clear, structured, and mistake-free, supported by a short but well-targeted cover letter is so refreshing. Another benefit is extra-curricular work, home projects and part-time work – anything that shows us that you’re passionate about your subject. Finally, give us a call. Set yourself apart, by having the confidence to tell us why you’re a great fit.

What’s the working culture like at RBI and what are its core values?

In many ways, RBI is a ‘best of both worlds’ business, a longstanding company with a progressive culture, established brands but constant evolution, traditional values with cutting edge technology, and small teams delivering big things. It’s about fulfilling potential while encouraging a work/life balance, delivering excellence through knowing our customers and collaborative working, nurturing the very best talent available. As a global business of around 30,000 employees, we can offer outstanding career opportunities, investment, stability, and superb benefits. At the same time, we run small collegial teams so people feel part of a close-knit community. We’re big on corporate responsibility, charity work, green issues, and staff wellbeing.

How is the graduate programme at RBI structured?

Each scheme is different, but they all share some important key themes. Training and development are paramount, as we understand that keeping talent in the business requires us to invest in our staff, as well as them in us. All graduates will have a structured blend of role-specific and more general training, equipping them to succeed. We offer tailored career planning to ensure that each individual progresses at the right pace, in the direction that’s best for them. Many companies take a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to their grad schemes, but this assumes that everybody is the same. We hire individuals and offer a path that suits them. Finally, we’ve put together a fast-track process whereby our graduates receive multiple reviews, allowing us to reward achievement while our graduates feel valued.

How can graduates find out more about RBI?

Our website, is a good place to start. We also have a really helpful video on YouTube – search ‘Working at RBI’. Aside from that, give us a call – or even better, apply and if selected, you’ll be invited to spend a full day with us. You’ll learn all about what we do and what our schemes offer, while having the opportunity to grab a coffee and chat with staff across the business – from current graduates to board members.