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Civil Engineering - Summer/Year Placement

Severn Trent
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Job description

Design and build infrastructure and solutions that leave a lasting legacy

From your morning cup of coffee to your bedtime bath, our lives revolve around water. We’re bringing those services – and thousands of others – to over eight million people, every day. These placements will show you how we do it.

You'll be eligible to apply for this role if you are an Undergraduate applicant, wishing to take an industrial year placement as part of a sandwich degree course.

What you’ll be doing
Our 12-week summer or 48-week year-long placement will show you fluid thinking in action, as you work alongside highly-experienced engineers, technical experts and business leaders, with the ability to approach complex challenges from multiple angles. At the same time, you’ll:

  • Establish our legacy by preserving and adding to our unique Victorian infrastructure
  • Participate in life-changing programmes of work that effect thousands of people, every day
  • Support and manage your own projects
  • Collaborate with consultants and contractors from across the business
  • Be mentored by our experts on a daily basis

Whether you’re with us for twelve weeks or forty-eight, these placements will put you at the heart of an ambitious asset rebuild, where you’ll confront issues like an increasingly volatile climate and growing urbanisation. Wherever you choose to go next, you’ll have gained a breadth of knowledge, skills and insight that will enable you to overcome a wide range of professional challenges.

If you enjoy your experience with us, and you’re completing your final year of study – or have already obtained your undergraduate degree - you’ll also be eligible to apply for our Graduate Engineering Programme and receive a permanent offer at the end.

Company information

At Severn Trent, we’re bringing a safe, sustainable water supply to millions of people, across the UK. What we do really matters: the services we provide, the infrastructure we build and the initiatives we champion will have an impact on communities and the environment, both now and for generations to come.

Person requirements

To help us achieve our vision, we want people who are willing to learn and able to work with people from across our business. For these placements, you’ll need to:

  • Show initiative and confidence, with the ability to find solutions to complex problems
  • Know how to think strategically and establish strong relationships
  • Be able to travel to different locations

If you've got fluid thinking and a passion for engineering, apply to our Undergraduate Placement today.

Qualifications and experience requirements

  • Be working towards an accredited civil engineering degree

Accepted degree subjects

civil engineering and construction





Contract and working hours

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Number of vacancies: Six

Closing date: 31/12/2016

This job listing will no longer be available on Prospects from 31/12/2016