Case study

James — Technical Leadership - Engineering

Severn Trent

James studied for a MEng in Electronic Engineering at the University of Hull. In his role he’s expected to push boundaries and challenge the status quo

Lots of companies tell you that graduates get involved in real-life projects, but at Severn Trent they really mean it. In my first week, I was leading a project developing new technology for a sewage works; I couldn’t believe it. This meant that I was dealing with real responsibility right at the beginning of my career.

At the moment I’m working with software engineers to design new electrical panels for Severn Trent. It’s really hands-on. Something I’ve learned as a graduate is that you’re expected to constantly push the boundaries and challenge accepted ways of doing things. We’re always encouraged to ask ‘why can’t we do this a different way? That makes working here really exciting.

You definitely get thrown in at the deep end at Severn Trent. You’re given projects in business areas you might know nothing about, so you quickly pick up lots of new skills. Full days spent in the office are rare: you’re always driving to different sites, meeting new people and discussing new projects. There’s a big emphasis on becoming chartered, so they give you the projects or secondments to develop the skills you need.

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