Case study

Tom — Business Leadership graduate

Severn Trent Water

Tom studied BEng Engineering at the University of Leeds. The fast-tracked approach to learning at Severn Trent appealed to him as it meant early access to challenging projects

I was drawn to the Severn Trent Graduate Programme as I'd worked on water projects at university and found the industry exciting.

Before I started I had no idea about the scale of the opportunities on offer. I wanted to be a leader and Severn Trent's Business Leadership Programme has made this happen. The programme is all about gaining hands-on experience, leading teams, managing live projects and taking on a high level of responsibility.

The fast-tracked approach to learning is perfect for me, as it means that I can get stuck into challenging projects and frequently take on new assignments. Everyone here is really approachable, which means that you can be proactive in asking questions and finding out about different opportunities. It's definitely up to the individual to drive their own development.

The programme is flexible, so you can steer your career in the direction that you want it to go. I've had a lot of influence and control over my placements and professional goals.

This is a very reactive business, so you need sharp commercial thinking to spot new business opportunities. Using your initiative and believing in what you can do is really important too. It helps that the working environment here is so supportive.

My aim is to be a strategic leader one day, and move around the business every few years to learn as much as I can.

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