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Updated: May, 2018

About Sparx

Sparx is a cutting edge, research based educational technology company. We’re using technology, data and classroom observation to scientifically investigate the way young people learn.

Here at Sparx we're using a scientific and research-based approach that takes the guesswork out of education. Through data and real-world classroom observation, we're investigating what makes the best learning experience in order to improve educational outcomes for students, today and tomorrow.

Imagine a classroom in which every student receives an individualised learning experience. Imagine a classroom in which a teacher has detailed insight into each child’s strengths and struggles. That classroom is one using Sparx.

Our platform for maths uses custom-built content and a powerful, data-driven web and mobile framework to deliver a tailored set of exercises, games and incentives that are redefining the limits of what young people can achieve.


Being an intern or graduate at Sparx isn’t about taking a back seat. You’re bright, motivated and integral members of the team. You’ll be right in there getting involved in our research, helping discover what works (and what doesn’t) in the field of education. Our roles include:

  • Content Science – develop engaging and radical new ways to teach Maths topics and preparing for implementation into schools
  • Developer – put your excellent command of computer programming languages into practice; working with web, server and native technologies in languages including Javascript, Python, Objective C, C++ and Lua
  • Data Science – put the data through its paces, performing rigorous statistical evaluation to look at the bigger picture and finding solutions to problems


You’ll be in your penultimate year of study for our internship - expecting to graduate in 2019, or graduating in 2018 for our graduate roles, with at least a 2:1 in maths, science, computer science or a relevant numerate or technical subject.

We’re looking for people with a real passion for education and a belief in the power of technology to improve it; people who want a challenge and people who want to make a difference.

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