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The China Teaching Experience

Updated: January, 2021

Still recruiting throughout COVID‑19

About The China Teaching Experience

COVID-19 notice - our Autumn intake is still going ahead as planned this year. We have also added a flexible element to the start date of the programme, for added reassurance. We will get you started on your online TEFL qualification now, and you can come out to China at any time over the next three -15 months, whenever the time feels right.

Hello, and welcome to The China Teaching Experience. We enable graduates (in any subject area) to live and work in China, experiencing first-hand all that China has to offer.

Our primary opportunity kicks off in August each year, and runs in conjunction with three separate Chinese organisations:

  • 1. The China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE)
  • 2. MF International Education Group, LLC.
  • 3. CIPTC, Shenzhen

Successful applicants will enjoy a salaried placement at a CEAIE-approved, MF-approved, or CIPTC-approved school, college or university in China, teaching English for two academic semesters.

Whether you are looking for an affordable way to travel, to gain valuable teaching experience, or to simply broaden your horizons, The China Teaching Experience would love to help you do it!

A non-commercial personal approach

The China Teaching Experience will never seek to take any cut from the money you earn. This, we believe, differentiates us massively from the vast majority of our competitors. Our China 2021 opportunities instead represent a wonderful system of cooperation, where our partner schools are encouraged by the CEAIE or MF to accept our standardised conditions, conditions that have been especially tailored to benefit our applicants in as many ways as possible.

Standardised placements - China 2021

  • Oral English teacher, at a kindergarten, school or University, in any of 15 provinces across China.
  • 10-month salaried placement (August/September 2021 - June/July 2022).
  • Free accommodation (and usually utilities) for the entire year.
  • One month (roughly) paid travel time in Jan/Feb. Applicants often take this opportunity to travel around South East Asia.
  • Free TEFL qualification, and 10-day training camp in Beijing, China.
  • Your flights are refunded (roughly) on the completion of your contract.

No teaching experience necessary

The majority of applicants have no teaching experience whatsoever. This is no problem at all. Our August/September start has in fact been especially set-up to tailor to such applicants. The free TEFL course will supply you with the necessary skills and qualifications that you need to become a successful English teacher in China.

Work sectors

leisure, sport and tourism, teaching and education



How to apply

Please read the website in full before making an application

Contact details

01133 281189
Registered Number: 9131111 (England & Wales)
22 Burley Street
West Yorkshire

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